Morgan's Mercy Mansion is a faith-based rehabilitation center with a six-month in-house comprehensive program which provides Help, Hope and Healing for women seeking relief from various addictions and addictive behaviors.

THE  next step

The next step is to complete the large main room located in between the two wings of transitional rooms.


"We are God's fellow workers."
1 Corinthians 3:9 NIV

God alone can take a broken life and mend it.  Our mission is to be HELPERS together with Him to:

Heal - providing women with an accepting environment of peace and security.
Encourage - instilling God's word and truth into their lives.
Love - enabling them to forgive themselves and others, letting go of the past.
Provide Purpose - training them for God's divine destiny for their lives.
Equip - directing them to Jesus and teaching them to live a Christian life.
Restore - helping them to take back what has been lost or destroyed through addiction.
Serve - giving women a firm foundation of servanthood and gratitude.