Tina My name is Tina for sixteen years I was addicted to pills and other illegal substances that altered my mind.  Drugs took everything away from me.  My relationships suffered, and my child was taken by CPS.   It was only by the grace of God that I survived physically.  I came to Morgan's Mercy Mansion in 2007.  Praise God, I am now clean and fully alive!  Today I have an awesome relationship with God through Jesus Christ my King.  I am married to the man God special ordered and my baby girl is back with me.  After graduation I served as Assistant Administrator at MMM for 2 1/2 years.  I am now pursuing a career in social work, honored to give to others the life I have received.


My name is Jennifer.  For 20 years I have used some form of mind altering substance, alcohol and other illegal substances.  The last 5 years meth has controlled my life, because of it I lost my children, my family, self worth and everything!  I came to MMM in January 2014.  I believe I am here on a divine appointment from God.  I am very thankful for that and to pastor Greg and Sherrie, Carla and the other staff for the love they show to each one of us.  Now when I came here I thought I was coming to a rehab, however it is a discipleship and we are all here by a divine appt. by God.  This is one of Gods mansions!  When I came I didn’t know if I believed in God.  Don’t worry I believe in God, Jesus and the holy spirit.  We are the 5th gospel (Christians) and we are read by everybody so we need to do our part in changing the world and be just like Jesus.  I now have a personal relationship with God and my family has been completely restored.  Since I graduated in July I have moved in the transitional housing and house mom at night.  I am waiting to see where God leads me next to do my part as a Christian!